Everything you need to know about the wedding video

What do we do, when, how and why?

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If you have already taken a look at the we you will already know that Punto y Coma is made up of Lola & Laura. Although we usually work with just the two of us, we also have a team of videographers in our ranks that help us when we need it.

If you want to count on us to shoot your wedding video, first of all we want to tell you that we would be delighted to be part of your story. The important thing is that you contact us as soon as possible to confirm that we have the date available so that we can make an appointment to get to know each other and talk in more detail about what you expect from the wedding video. To reserve the date you will have to pay 25% of the video pack you are interested in as a reservation and... that's it!

Yes! At Punto y Coma Films we have a large team of experienced videographers who are passionate about their work, but we never shoot more than two weddings in one day. In case we have two weddings on the same date, we split up and that way you can be sure that one of us (or Lola or Laura) will be there on your wedding day. In any case, you will always know in advance all the people who will be with you on your big day.

We have several packs with different options for your wedding video. All of them include two videographers in charge of recording the wedding day and the editing of a short video as a summary and a longer video of between 10 and 20 minutes.

We offer you two options to make the payment, you can split it in three parts: the first 25% of the total amount will be paid at the time of booking, another 50% two weeks before the ceremony and the remaining 25% just before receiving the video. If you prefer, you can also pay in advance.

We like to experiment with different techniques and we adapt to the taste of the bride and groom within our own style. We feel very comfortable with the documentary style and we don't like posed shots or prepared scenes... although we are always open to listen to original proposals.

We don't do photography ourselves, but we can recommend some great photographers that we work with and who are a good fit for our work.

Of course! It is very important for us that you get to know us before the wedding so that we can talk in more detail about what you are looking for. It is essential that we have a good feeling between us so that you feel comfortable on your wedding day. We can meet via skype, although we prefer to meet for a coffee or a beer or if you come to visit us at our studio in Poblesec in Barcelona.

We don't just do wedding videos! We also make love stories, editorials, pre-wedding and post-wedding elopement. And outside the wedding sector we make videos for companies, personal projects and documentaries that you can see in our other website.

You name it! We feel comfortable in all kinds of atmospheres, from more classic weddings to more innovative weddings. For us the most important thing is the atmosphere and the good vibes of the people. We like to feel part of it and have a good feeling with the bride and groom.

For our part it is not necessary, although in some special cases we have done it due to the needs of the place itself or other particularities: we have recorded more than 100 weddings and we can adapt to any space! If we don't know the place we usually write or call beforehand to introduce ourselves.

Yes! In our services you can find all the extras that we offer to complete your package: interviews, same day edit, full speeches, drone ect... If you have any special needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We don't usually separate the bride and groom's preparations, but we prefer to shoot the groom first and then the bride. In some cases we adapt to the photographer or the circumstances and we do the preparations simultaneously.

We always have the microphone on and never stop recording when someone is making a speech, so you can have that memory on video. If you are interested in having the best quality audio possible, we record the speeches directly from the mixing desk.

Generally the caterers or the venues themselves will arrange the staff menu for you. Ask them directly if you have any doubts.

Normally we don't stay more than 15-20 minutes and we record it at the same time as the photographer and we look for a place in the same farmhouse or finca so that you don't lose time for the aperitif. Sometimes, if the light is still too harsh when the ceremony is over, we wait until the sun goes down to get the best shots.

Of course we don't! Our way of working avoids posed and prepared scenes. We want to transmit what happened on your wedding day without artifice, as natural as possible and making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The price of the packs includes travel within the province of Barcelona. We cover weddings all over the world, so just ask us!

We will be with you practically all day long. From the preparations to an hour or two after the bride and groom's dance. We don't like to set a limit because we actually stay until we have enough material to put together the wedding video. And no, we don't charge overtime 🙂

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We always edit our videos ourselves! We do not subcontract other companies or freelancers to edit our wedding videos as they would no longer have our personal style. The editing of the wedding will always be in our hands 🙂

Our long videos last between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the pack and the extras they contain. We also deliver a 3-4 minute summary or a 1 minute instavideo.

Of course we do! We always make copies of all the wedding footage which we keep in different locations for safety. Once the wedding video has been delivered, we keep the raw footage for up to a year and keep the final videos. However, we recommend that once you have the videos, you make several copies!

The packs do not include the delivery of all the raw material, but we do offer the possibility of having all the material for your wedding. Ask us and we will explain you how.

A Trash the Dress is a post-wedding video in which we will film you dressed in your wedding dresses doing those things you wouldn't do before wearing your dress and suit for the big day. There are millions of options, from walks on the beach or in the woods, to alternatives for the more daring, like going into the sea or getting dirty in a paintball battle. You set the limits!

Two weeks after the wedding we will give you a short summary in Teaser or Instavideo format, so that the wait is a little less hard for you :). The instavideo, which is a one-minute summary, will be sent directly to you via whatsapp and for the teaser, which would be the 3-4 minute trailer, we will send you the vimeo link where you can watch it and share it with your guests.

We usually choose the songs for the trailer and the instavideo. We are usually inspired by what we have seen at your wedding to choose the songs but we accept special requests and suggestions. Of course, if you don't like the song, there is always time to change it! For the long video we ask you for a list of about 10 songs that you like so that we can be inspired and look for similar songs that we think can fit with the video montage.

All videos are delivered on a pen drive. You can pick up the package at our office or we will send it to you by post once the last payment has been received.

The delivery period for the video varies depending on the number of bookings we have in the same period, but generally ranges from four to six months. We know you can't wait to see it... but we want to take care of every last detail!

Of course! As soon as we have finished the editing, we will send you a link to vimeo so that you can watch the video in private. So, if you want to make any small changes, you'll be in time to let us know!

At Punto y Coma we love to hear your own ideas and suggestions, so if what you are looking for is not listed in this brochure, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will send you a tailor-made quotation.