Who is Punto and who is Coma?

Who is Lola and who is Laura?


We are Lola and Laura, sometimes Punto and sometimes Coma. We met 10 years ago at the Faculty of Audiovisual Communication, and we could say it was love at first sight, we met at the presentation and we spent the whole career together. We quickly became friends, travelling companions, then partners and life partners! We are not a couple, but we call each other "marida".

We always loved the documentary genre and that's why we started making wedding videos. We love to tell true stories, like yours. We are passionate about weddings because they are a day full of strong emotions, nerves, nostalgia, joy, laughter, tears... and we love to live all that with you, the more authentic the bride and groom and their wedding, the more we enjoy it!

We like to make different, modern, dynamic wedding videos. We make wedding videos so that the bride and groom and their guests will want to watch them on loop, over and over again without getting tired of it. 

A well-made wedding video is a treasure for its protagonists, a way to relive that special day with all its intensity, to cry and laugh again... these are the videos that we like to make.

For us the most important thing is that the bride and groom are comfortable, we will never make you pose or force situations, we like to record what happens, without artifice and without intervening. The idea is that you hardly notice that we are there, although you might see us doing a little dance during the party...

Being a wedding videographer is not just about shooting and editing a wedding video. Making wedding videos is about connecting with the couple, getting to know them and knowing what they expect from their wedding. For us it is important to have a feeling with the bride and groom, to get fully involved in that day.

We are always available to help with pinning, picking up the train of the bride's dress or coordinating the bride and groom's exit to make it perfect.


"We have already recorded more than 100 weddings and lived more than 1000 anecdotes, if you come to meet us, we are sure we will tell you some of them".

Do you want to keep adding memories with us?