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Hello! welcome to our world...

If you have come to our website you are probably looking for wedding videos to inspire you for your big day. 

We are Punto y Coma films and we are delighted to welcome you to our website. Here you can learn a little more about the work we do with so much love for brides and grooms like you.

We love to tell love stories. We tell your story from our documentary point of view.

We hope you enjoy your visit and that you find the inspiration you were looking for. And who knows... maybe you will end up finding the videographers for your wedding.

Natalia & Manel 20/09/2019

Latest works

Gemma & Jose 11/06/2022

A dream wedding in Blanes.

Video of a wedding at Mas Palau.

Gemma and Jose celebrated their wedding in the beautiful Marimurtra gardens wedding in Blanes. A beautiful setting on the Costa Brava with spectacular sea views.

Jose's family and friends rented a farmhouse where they could get ready together. Once dressed, they toasted with whiskey before leaving for the ceremony. Gemma also changed with her friends in an apartment in the center of Blanes.

Jillian & Brian 16/06/2022

Destination Wedding Barcelona.

Elopement in the city center

Brian and Jillian decided to get married in intimacy, just with the closest family, far away from their life in USA. They wanted to make their love and their union a beautiful adventure and they definitely did it. After a beautiful travel around Europe, they get to Barcelona to have a very cute ceremony. A perfect elopement full of joy, laughs and kisses.

Natalia & Manel 20/09/2019

Getting married in a fortified castle.

Wedding video in Cortal Gran

Here we leave you with the wonderful wedding of Natalia & Manel, a couple that makes you fall in love and that makes their wedding a great party . A celebration of romantic love, but also of friendship and family. Natalia gave more importance to her wedding video than to the photos, which we loved, as it is usually the other way around.


Who is "PUNTO" and who is a "COMA"?

Punto y Coma is us, Lola and Laura, the two of us are sometimes Punto and sometimes Coma. We met 10 years ago (10 YEARS AGO!) at university, when we were studying Audiovisual Communication.
During our university years, we both had doubts about which path to take, what to specialise in, as we liked all phases of audiovisual production. We both knew that entrepreneurship was not an easy task, and even less so in the era we were in, but we thought: "what if we tried it? what if we tried with wedding videos?
From the first moment we understood each other perfectly. So much so, that since we started our project 6 years ago, we have already recorded more than 100 wedding videos and lived more than 1000 anecdotes (if you come to meet us, we are sure we will tell you some of them). Do you want to keep adding memories with us?

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